About us

The Information Technology Authority’s (ITA) in association with the Ministry of Social Development launched the official online donations portal.

This official donations portal approved and supported by the Ministry of Social Development of Oman makes it possible for donors to contribute to charitable organizations such as the Association of the welfare of the Handicapped, the Association of Early Intervention for Children with Special Needs, Oman Association for Disabled, Al Noor Association for the Blind and the National Association for Cancer Awareness completely online.

Online Donations Portal has been developed with the vision to promote charity for valuable social causes in the Sultanate of Oman, by providing an electronic gateway to facilitate payment of donations to charitable organisations supported by the Ministry of Social Development.

This portal supports humanitarian efforts for charity by eliminating the donor’s problems of time and distance using technology. This electronic channel connecting donors and beneficiaries process charitable payments completely electronically utilising the e-payment gateway operated by the ITA.

This online portal is a one-stop-shop assisting the collecting charity funds for the less privileged people and the people with special needs. ITA in line with His Majesty’s vision of harnessing technology has developed this portal to promote charity which is embodied in the practice of Islam. The portal makes it easy for Omani citizens and residents to donate with a single click from anywhere and at their suitable time without a need to travel to any of the charity organisations.

Donations Portal processes donations through bank cards issued in Oman and currently doesn’t accept donations through any other cards. The portal can be effectively used by Omani Citizens / Residents who have account in Omani banks will be able to make Donation online.