Oman Diabetes Association (ODA) 

Nonprofit health organization established by a group of endocrinologist and family physicians with interest in diabetes, founded in 2005. Their mission to optimize diabetes care, prevent complications and support diabetes research, support people affected with diabetes and subsequently improve the quality of life.


Global dissemination of health awareness information.
Periodic training programs for medical teams.
Periodic teaching sessions for patients and families affected by diabetes.
Support a research projects in the field of diabetes.
Support volunteer work and activity to serve the special needs of diabetic patients.

Support & Services

Organize a local and international diabetic conference as “diabetic update” yearly.
Organize a workshop sessions for Doctors, Diabetic Nurses and Educators frequently to learn the basic and the update about diabetes.
Link ODA, GGSD, Regional Socities to IDF and ADA.

Patients and their families

Secure educational material and dissemination to public.
Coordinate activities for fund raising to support the diabetes care with special needs.
Facilitate availability of strips and Glucometer at subsidized price.
Provide support group to children with diabetes.
Provide support group for the community with diabetes.

Membership Classification

Active Members:
1. Doctors specialized in Diabetes or in the training to be specialist.
2. They have to be members of OMA.
3. FAMCO doctors who are functioning in diabetic clinic.
Non Active members, Divided into:
(a) Associate members:
1. Medical healthcare professionals who are qualified nurses, assistance nurses, Diabetic educators, Dietitians, Pharmacists and Lab Technologists.
2. No right to vote or to be a board member.
(b) Friends of Society:
1. Include patients and their families and any community members who have interest in diabetes.
2. No membership fees required to be a friend of society.
3. No right to vote or to be a board member.


Arrange a mobile support group for diabetic patients with special needs.
Setup a periodic teaching sessions for the community.
Setup a periodic teaching workshops and meetings for the doctors and diabetic team.
Walks for diabetes.
Open diabetes Day in shopping malls.
Diabetes Camp for Kids and adolescents.
Hotline for diabetes questions and concerns.
Study and address any special diabetes needs e.g . blind, elderly, kids, mentally retarded, etc. 
Support group for different ages of diabetes.
Introduction of newer drugs and technology to enhance care.
Enhance availability to monitored care at subsidized prices i.e. strips and glucometers.

Contact Us
الجمعية العمانية لمرض السكري
Oman Diabetes Association 

Opposite Muscat Private Hospital
Bawshar Street- Building No: 1/315
Bawsher, Sultanate of Oman  


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Tel: 24217907
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