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11 Sep

Donations for Relief in Kashmir

By Richard Williams

There is much suffering in Kashmir due to the floods; however, many people are not comfortable donating due to scams by disreputable people. I would like to implore your organization to create a special category so people could donate for this cause in a specific way. Rest assured there would be no hesitation to donate via your organization due to the excellent reputation for sincere social concern of His Majesty Qaboos bin al Said. Thank you and Best Regards, Richard Williams, New Delhi

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31 Jan


By UmSamy

Salam, I would like to suggest that a link to further information/definition on the appropriate type of donation be given. Example: Sadaqa vs. Sadaqa Jariya etc Thanks

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01 Aug

Well done!

By Arshad Nadamal

This is a wonderful and user-friendly website. Kudos to the deisgners for keeping it simple and clutter-free. ITA should run a publicity bltz to increase its popularity.

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29 Jul

International charity

By Hasan

You have given an option to donate for Syria. Please also give options for donations to Palestinian refugees and orphans, and for the needy people in Somalia, Yemen, Bangladesh, and other countries. Please allow us to donate to international causes as mentioned above. Please also do something more to convince the donors that the money goes to deserving candidates. The portal is a great effort to begin with. Please broaden its horizon and reach so that donors have more choices. God bless you.

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10 Jul

Social Media

By Saud Al Zakwani

I suggest to involve social media in this practise which will increase awareness

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10 Jul

Great site

By Nisar

This is great site, the way you have classified everything is great. I use to send charity or any extra money to India because I did not know where to give money to needy people in Oman, specially children. I think very few people know about this sites I think you should published about this on local newspaper because most people prefer to donate online. Regards NIsar

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04 Jul

In Nizwa

By Dr Vibha

I suggest to keep charity boxes in other main cities too. I hope you have a branch or a coordinator in nizwa as it is difficult to come to Muscat sometimes. If you have a local coordinator in Nizwa then please let me know

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08 May

Blood Donation

By Lal Gopal

Hi, Frm a few days I've seen so many news about lack of blood stock in your hospitals & clinics. I would like to ask you a question. Why don't you start a website or a blog where peoples can upload their details so that others can view it and contact each other for donating or accepting their blood? This is a cheapest way to solve this issue and we can save a 'Life'. This method is been followed by so many countries in the world.

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09 Mar

medical charity or scholarship for students etc.

By Mr Hamza k s

I am working for MALABAR GOLD AND DIAMONDS, in Dubai, as C S R, We are interested in joining hands in hands to do charity work specially in medical point of view., our main interest to assist poor who is in need of medical aid., those who cannot afford their medical expenses, whether expats or nationals. pls let us have some idea of these kind if you have any and for students scholar ship if required. Thanks

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24 Jan

Setting up a member login

By Tarfah Al-Suleimany

Salam, I believe setting up member logins where a a person's name, email, banking details etc. are securely stored would make it easier to donate on a periodic basis. The current system requires that for each donation the credit card details, expiry, security code, name, email and phone number be inputted for each donation, which can become quite tedious.

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26 Nov

Make an account in Tweeter

By Um Malaak

I feel i is a good idea to make an account in tweeter and facebook to let people know more about this organization and to attract more donations from those who concern.

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29 Aug


By Sara khader

I was actually going around sites trying to find out a way to help these kids..How about we held events..like singing, dancing and other competitions? We can collect money through tickets..many talented groups are there..they can help us..please think about it

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12 Aug


By Mukhtar Hasan

Can you please provide an option to donate Fitra for the forthcoming Eid ul Fitr through your wonderful website.

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09 Aug

Recurring donations

By Zahid

I was wondering why not have the option of doing recurrent donations, eg monthly donation for sadaqat, where you set it up once for a certain period of time according to the user of the portal like 6 months or one year.Thanks for a wonderful site, Jazakum Allah khair

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21 Jul


By حمد الحارثي

الوقع ممتاز وهذه اول مره اعرف بوجود هذا الموقع وانا متاكد ان الكثيرين لا يعلمون بهذا الموقع ارجوا من القائمين علي هذا الموقع زياده الاعلان عن خاصة في شهر رمضان والجميع يبحث عن الخير والاعمال الصالحة. لا بد من السماح باستخدام بطاقات فيزا اليكترون للدفع حيث ان الاغلبية ليست لديهم بطاقات ايتمان. والله يوفقكم ويقبل منكم هذا العمل الممتاز

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27 Apr

Zakah link ??

By Fahad

Hi , I want to pay Zakah but I don't see any link for Zakah . All are charity!!!

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25 Jan

How to Donate?


I am an Indian, Working in Muscat, If I want to make a small Donation, How do I do?

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