Al-Mudhaibi Charitable Team
Affiliated to the Social Development Committee in the Welayah

1. Introduction
The team was established around 2003 AD, and it was called (Baraka Team for Charitable Works). After the Welayah went to unify the efforts of the charitable teams, the Welayah teams were merged under the name (Al Mudhaibi Charitable Team) in 2017

2. Vision and Mission :
Volunteering, giving and social solidarity without limits.

3. General Aims:
1. Promoting Islamic values and principles and developing social awareness.
2. Achieving the principles of cooperation, love, social solidarity, and family bonding among the members of the society.
3. Continuous development and improvement of the performance of the charitable team, its projects, and its work mechanisms.
4. Providing subsidies and cash and in-kind assistance to the needy families.
5. Receiving alms and donations and spending them for the beneficiaries in an organized manner.
6. Supporting insolvent families in the field of education.
7. Encouraging the society to pay attention to mosques, the Holy Quran, and its sciences.
8. Contributing to the development of the society, the advancement of volunteer work, and support for the concept of good citizenship and belonging to the homeland.
9. Coordination and cooperation with voluntary associations, bodies, and organizations, and supporting their work.
10. Supporting insolvent families to improve their standard of living by supporting them to establish investment projects.
11. Development and diversification of income sources for the team and paying attention to charitable endowment.

4. Work limits:
Al-Mudhaibi State and its affiliated villages

5. Contact information
92630713 – 93915811
تويتر ، انستجرام  @barakah2020