Salalah Charity Team


Salalah Charity Team Supervised by Social Development Committee Salalah State. 

Salalah charity team works with social develop committee aim to achieve several goals including:

  • Seeking to raise the standard to living for low – income families in Salalah permanently.
  • Enhancing knowledge awareness of the importance of charity work and the solidarity in our Omani society.
  • Helping the people of Wilayat Salalah in all life aspects with financial and social support.
  • Supporting low – income families to become self – sufficient by establishing small projects that turn them into productive families.


Achieving social solidarity at home for community members, lifting insolvency on families, and transforming them into productive families.

Scope Of Work:

The scope of Work of the Salalah charity team in the Salalah State – Dhofar Governorate – Sultanate of Oman.


  • Public alms.
  • Student support.
  • Emergencies.

Contact Details:

Team mobile : 90987667