Ghiras Charity Team

The team has persevered with charity work for years. It joined the committee of social development in Sohar in 2012 to work officially under the umbrella of the committee. It then set off to carry the society's burdens with a heart pulsing with love, mercy, and desire in gaining the pleasure of Allah.

It wasn't easy, especially with the shortage in resources and the abundance of burdens. However, with the grace of Allah and then the giving of philanthropists and the collaboration of the people in the society, all difficulties can be overcome.

Here we extend a hand of goodness and righteousness and open for ourselves and lovers of Paradise doors of reward through their support for charity projects implemented by the team.

Let us cooperate together to create a society of cooperation and kindness. A step in this life on the road of goodness and another in Paradise.

Team's Vision

Founding an advanced charity institution concerned with developing the charitable sector and advancing its tools to the benefit of both the country and its citizens.

The Team Aims

  1. Providing a better life for all needy groups in the society, whether socially, educationally, or medically.
  2. Executing the various charitable projects available within the framework of the laws designed to do so.
  3. Working side by side with the official authorities concerned with social work and in constant cooperation and coordination with them to ease the burden placed upon them.
  4. Educating the members of society on positivity, social solidarity and voluntary work by involving or directing them to it through various educational programs.

The work of Ghirras Charity Team is divided into three parts:

1. Seasonal Projects:

They are further divided into two sections:

Symbiotic Seasonal Projects: Concerned with providing in-kind materials for needy families such as:

  1. Believers-are-brothers Project (providing basic food items during the Holy month of Ramadan.
  2. Iftar Project.
  3. Eid Coffee Project (Eid Al-Fitr and Al-Dha)
  4. Zakat Al-Fitr.
  5. School Bag Project (providing school stationery for needy family students).

Educational Seasonal Projects: concerned with spreading awareness and good behavior in the society through some cultural educational programs such as:

  1. The Project of Harvest Nights (during the month of Ramadan).
  2. Projects of Public Events (Environment Day- Traffic Week- World Day to Combat Drugs ... and others).

2. Permanent Projects, such as:

  • Providing care for orphans.
  • Providing care for families.
  • Restoring or helping to build a house.
  • Providing support for a school or university student.
  • Kaffara (Expiation) of all kinds.
  • Helping sick people.

3. Emergency Projects such as:

  • Disaster Relief.
  • Organizing Events.