Our name

As recited in Surat Maryam Versus in the Holy Quran: "When he called his Lord a secret call"; the Prophet Zakariya (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) has called his Lord in secret and Allah has responded with wisdom and bounty to his call. Prophet Zakariya was in a situation in which no one could imagine the response, as he was very old aged and his wife was sterile. This is how the Nidaa Charity Team calls for community solidarity and a response to the call for good.

Our story

The Nidaa Charity Group is a humanitarian organization that works to promote charitable work in all humanitarian aspects. The team was founded in 2012 under the umbrella of the Social Development Committee in the Wilayat of Bowsher under the supervision of a group of those seeking to support charitable work for orphans and needy people which was the basic idea of the deceased Ms.  Sheikha Bint Sulaiman Al. Mahrokiya (Um Hood). The Nidaa Charity Group aims to raise the level of knowledge and livelihood of the community through a series of programs managed by people who specialize in the field of volunteerism with more than twenty years’ experience. The team goes on to achieve the goals through continuous support to the families and the necessary monthly and seasonal financial and food support, as well as through the daily food assistance provided by the team in order to bring joy in the hearts of the disadvantaged and destitute.

Our vision and message

Transform society into a productive society by providing social services and family care, developing capacities and exploiting the capabilities to serve the society, and thus motivating individuals and families to improve their income by training them in occupations and trades that support their income and transform them from the life of demand and begging to earn a life.

Our principles

The Nidaa Charity Team adopts seven basic principles:

  1. Leading efforts to provide a decent life for all categories of society; for needy families regardless of gender, race or religion.
  2. Recognizing that solidarity is the best long-term solution to eradicating poverty in the world.
  3. Offering support through 4 main areas of humanity: infrastructure, health and nutrition, water, sanitation and hygiene, quality of education and decent life.
  4. Working on our programs in a spirit of initiative and innovation.
  5. Effective cooperation with international institutions and organizations to implement comprehensive development programs that promote an integrated educational approach and ensure sustainable development.
  6. Directing the efforts of the Sultanate of Oman's society and institutions as a whole to contribute an active positive role to the Sultanate in the world.
  7. Focusing on achieving the second and third Millennium Development Goals of the United Nations by 2015, namely ensuring universal primary education and promoting gender equality. The Nidaa Team also helps to shape a global partnership for development, as referred to in Goal 8.

Our programs

  • The orphan sponsorship program: the obligation to pay 31 riyals per month.
  • Residential comfort programs (Raha): the program of building and maintenance of houses (the value of building the house ranges from RO 25-30 thousand, but maintenance is dependent on the house).
  • Electrical equipment programs: serving the needs of families of electrical appliances such as air conditioners, refrigerators and others.
  • Food program: It is the provision of monthly food for families where the value of the program is 40 riyals per family, this program in cooperation with Al Amri Center as families do monthly shopping according to their needs and choose what they need.
  • Recycling used materials programs (clothing, paper, plastic and metal): A full explanation of the program is attached
  • Training programs for job seekers: In cooperation with the Information Technology Authority, it offers courses for job seekers to help them find jobs that suit them.
  • Family Empowerment Programs: A program to transform needy families into productive families through training them in producing, marketing and selling goods to improve their living conditions and invest their capabilities to serve themselves in particular and the country in general.

Seasonal programs such as:

  • Eid Clothing: drawing the joy of Eid on the faces of young and old by providing new clothing for all individuals who are under the umbrella of the Nidaa Charity Team as the approximate value of the campaign is RO 10.000.
  • Breakfast (Iftar) program: providing food for needy families during the holy month of Ramadan.
  • School bag: A program to encourage education and  provide school bag and the necessary tools for students as the value of a bag up to 5 riyals.
  • Support programs: investment programs and activities aimed at generating income that supports the programs of the team.
  • Enhancement programs: programs that are run by volunteers to provide          psychological and educational programs during the year.
  • Umrah program: Organizing a pre-paid trip for individuals who have never performed Umrah with an integrated cultural and religious program.

Our achievements in 2016:

  • Sponsorship program for orphans: 63 orphans (new)
  • Home Maintenance Program: 6 houses
  • Family sponsorship program: 24 families
  • Furniture program: 86 pieces of furniture
  • Program of electrical appliances: 220 devices
  • Current alms (Sadaqah): 8 mosque refrigerators
  • Heartache elimination: 7 people
  • Meat alms (Sadaqah): 254 slaughters +53 donations Total 307
  • First group wedding for the disadvantaged and needy persons on 20 January 2017.
  • Breakfast (Iftar): 700 food baskets
  • Chicken Carton 390
  • 400 families (rice + flour)
  • 1500 breakfast (iftar)
  • Zakat: 329 families
  • Eid clothing: 420 families
  • Zakat Al-Fitr: 50 families
  • Sacrifices: 69 families
  • The joy of the Eid (for patients of Al-Masrrah Hospital): 150 patients
  • School bag: 600 bag
  • Winter cover: 22 beds
  • Awareness lectures: 7 lectures

Programs planned:

  • The second group wedding: The team aims to provide community campaign by supporting the marriage of 50 persons of disadvantaged families, estimated at RO 100,000.
  • Iqra Library: A project to encourage reading among the people who are under the umbrella of the Nidaa Charity Group. The library provides useful books for children and adults. The aim is to provide an easy-to-carry library, chairs and reading tables, and then organize reading campaigns in Bowsher. The volunteers read stories to children and draw lessons from them. These books are given to them, the estimated value of this campaign is 2500 riyals.
  • Family Empowerment Program: a program that provides training courses for those of the tender age from chaste families to support them in finding jobs to help them live well and get out of destitution.
  • “For All Good Call” Forum: Provide professional programs in various areas to raise the level of volunteers’ knowledge and scientific skills.
  • Orphans Programs: identified with the companies supporting the program.

For Contact and Enquiry:

Tel: 24503414
Fax: 24503414
Mobile: 99346365
Twitter: NidaaTeam
Facebook: Nidaacharity
Instagram: nidaateam