Al Amirat Charity Team 


Al Amirat Charity Team is a non-profit charity team follows the Social Committee of the Office of Wali of al Amirat, established in 2012. 

Team vision: 

Creating opportunities for everyone to maximise his/her potential by participating in our development and charitable paths.


Creating a model for charity work and excellence in community service



- Building a community partnership that supports the government role through assuming social duties and providing necessary needs to families.

- Doing charity works that highlight social solidarity among members of society.

- Promoting the culture of volunteering.

- Supporting productive families and household industries.

Scope of work:

Doing charity and voluntary work within the Wilayat of al Amirat, and represent it externally in this field.




- Social 

- Cultural

- Awareness and recreational

- Purposeful physical activities

- Housing conservation activities




Wilayat al Amirat, al Jud street, area five, House number (2064)

Working hours:

Sunday to Thursday 

8: 00 - 12: 00 AM and 4 – 8 PM

Telephone: (+968) 96055050


Web site:


Social media accounts:


Instagram: @amirat_charity