The Zakat Committee of the State of Al-Seeb:


It is an official committee under the supervision of the Ministry of Endowments and Religious Affairs, which, as part of its social responsibility, provides in-kind and cash assistance to deprived families across the state. The managing and overseeing the activities and responsibilities are carried out by a group of keen volunteers from the state. Those volunteers have pledged to sacrifice with sincerity and honesty to serve and prosper the Committee and engage its role in the community.
The zakat regulation, issued by the Ministry of Endowments and Religious Affairs, has allocated the obligations and framework of the Zakat Committee. The most essential responsibilities of the Committee lies in raising Zakat in its two forms - cash and in-kind -, charity (Sadaqah), Kaffarah (Expiation). Furthermore, it is obligated to scrutinize the names of the needy families in the state, and then assist them to elevate their live standards.
Accordingly, the Zakat Committee is a reliable entity that ensures your donations are received by worthy families. This is the reason that the Zakat Committee of the State of Al-Seeb, through its various activities and continuous and sustainable programs, is keen to raise awareness of the importance of zakat and charity in society and their significant impact on building a cooperative society.
The Zakat Committee of the State of Al-Seeb has a network of volunteers distributed in the areas and villages of the Al-Seeb state. Each volunteer seeks to account for the names of the underprivileged families after studying their situations and living standards. Then, official documents are collected and transferred to the Committee of Services & Social Research for approval and preserving them in a special program prepared only for this purpose (Zakah Services Portal). 
The vision:
Towards entrepreneurship Charity to serve our human call and nobles values. 
  1. To raise public awareness of the Zakat imposition and the importance of charities.
  2. Introduce people to the significance of Zakat and Charity (Sadaqah) in building a cooperative society.
  3. To stand on the legitimate differences between Charity and Zakat and make people aware of them.
  4. Helping the deprived ones and the needy.
  5. Providing the opportunity for those who are willing to do charitable work to support the activities of the committee.
  6. Achieving the principle of solidarity and harmony among members of society, so that respect and brotherhood prevail.


  1. Zakat
  2. Charities (Sadaqat)
  3. Kaffarah (Expiation)
  4. Charitable Endowment
  5. Orphan Sponsorship
  6. Zakat Al-Fitr
  7. Untie The Hardship
  8. Subsidize The Teaching Needs
  9. Helping The Needy Patients
  10. Sadaqah On Meat
  11. Breaking Fast for the Family in Ramadan
  12. Gifts in Eid
  13. Financial support for Committee activities

Communication Channels:

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  • Phone Contacts: 24265900 – 92475055 – 97545354 -97538307- 92178165 - 92476834